New Video Showcases Siemon's WheelHouse® Advanced Data Center Solutions


Siemon has released a new video that showcases Siemon’s comprehensive WheelHouse® advanced data centre solutions designed to support any size and type of data centre, from large hyper scale computing environments and colocations, to small-to-mid size enterprise data centres.

Utilising 3D graphics and computer-generated imagery, the new video serves as a visual tool to highlight Siemon’s wide range of data centre solutions, including end-to-end copper and fibre cabling systems, the LightStack® ultra high-density plug and play fibre system, innovative LC BladePatch®, high speed interconnect assemblies, data centre cabinets, V-Built™ preconfigured cabinets, PowerMax™ PDUs, Automated Infrastructure Management solutions and how these are all supported by Siemon’s comprehensive data centre design services.

Watch our new WheelHouse® video here! >>