A Commitment to our Customers and Partners

Dear Valued Customer and Partner,

Siemon is closely monitoring the spread of COVID-19 across the world.  We have taken the following steps to ensure continuity of supply.

We are in continual communication with our suppliers to identify and address potential risks to our supply chain.

All Siemon manufacturing and logistics locations in the Americas, Asia and Europe are operating and will continue to do so unless closed by government order or local virus outbreak.

We have taken the following steps to manage the risk of an outbreak:

  • We have trained all employees to practice effective hygiene and social distancing.
  • We have professional cleaning crews providing disinfectants, and we have added disinfectant dispensers in strategic locations.
  • Employees capable of working from home have been encouraged to do so.
  • We deliver regular internal communications as the landscape changes.
  • We have discontinued large group gatherings such as all employee meetings
  • We have discouraged commuting using mass transit
  • We have closed the company gym until further notice
  • We have provided guidelines on safe food practices
  • We are offering the option of alternating work shifts for parents of children whose schools are closed
  • Use of conference rooms has been minimized and replaced by virtual meetings using the Microsoft Teams platform
  • Customer service and Tech Support phone lines will be rerouted if necessary using the Ring Central phone platform.
  • We are limiting visitation to our facilities and discouraging face to face visits with customers and suppliers unless necessary.
  • Domestic regional air travel is only approved under exceptional circumstances
  • International air travel is not allowed 

Siemon is fortunate to have a dedicated workforce that recognizes the need to adapt to these changing, challenging conditions.  Our culture’s commitment to resourcefulness and continual improvement has enabled us to adapt quickly.  Safety and Quality are priorities #1 and #2 and by doing these jobs well, Siemon will continue to deliver value to our customers.  We will keep you informed of any material changes.  We thank you for your business. 



Carl Siemon