New MTP Pro Connector.png

Siemon is introducing a new MTP Pro Connector to its line of MTP plug-and-play trunk assemblies and jumpers.

MTP Pro connectors offer the ability to change polarity and gender in the field using an innovative hand-held activation tool and pin exchangers that are sold separately. 

  • Helps solve polarity and pin issues encountered in the filed
  • Quick and easy color-coded polarity change (key up/key down) without removing connector housing
  • Field-friendly pin reconfigurations (pinned/unpinned) using multimode or singlemode pin exchangers and pin grippers
  • Available as an option on all Base 8 and Base 12 MTP trunk assemblies and hybrid MTP-to-LC assemblies
  • MTP jumpers will feature only MTP Pro connector as the jumper is where the bulk of polarity/gender issues are encountered

The MTP Pro option has been added to all MTP plug-and-play trunk, jumper and assembly spec sheets. Click HERE for more information.