New Shuttered LC Adapters

Siemon is pleased to announce a new shutter option into its multimode and singlemode LC fiber adapters. These shutters replace standard dust caps that once removed are often never replaced, exposing the interior end faces to contamination and possible damage. The innovative small plastic shutter opens when plugging an LC connector into the port and it springs back into the closed condition upon removal to maintain protection of the port. The unique design of this shutter is such that it does not touch the connector end face, eliminating the potential for contamination of the connector end face. 



Features & Benefits

  • Enables single-handed jumper installation and removal without the need for loose, easily misplaced dust caps that are often never replaced
  • Maintains protection of adapter interior from dust and contamination
  • Provides eye safety by blocking laser light when unmating live connections but transparent enough to allow light from a visual fault locator (VFL) to shine through
  • Works with all standard LC connectors


The shuttered LC is available as an option on all LC adapters, including:

  • LightStack® 8 and LightStack LC modules and adapter plates
  • PP2 LC modules utilized with RIC, FCP and SWIC enclosures
  • PPM and PEM LC modules and adapter plates used in the High Density FCP3
  • Quick-Pack® LC adapter plates