Siemon's Internally Shuttered LC Fibre Adapters

Siemon is introducing a new shutter option into its LC fibre adapters. The unique design allows a small plastic shutter in LC ports to open when inserting a fibre connector, all without touching or contaminating the connector end face. Upon removal of a connector, the shutter springs back into the closed position to ensure continued protection of the port and prevent contamination

Benefits and Features:

  • Enables single-handed jumper installation and removal without the need for loose, easily misplaced dust caps
  • Protects adapter interior from dust and contamination
  • Provides eye safety by blocking laser light but transparent enough to allow light from a visual fault locator (VFL) to shine through
  • Works with all standards LC connectors

Shuttered LCs are available as an option for LightStack® Base 12 and LightStack® Base8 modules and adapter plates; PP2 modules used in RIC, FCP and SWIC Enclosures; PPM and PEM modules and adapter plates used in the High Density FCP3; and Quick-Pack® adapter plates.

The optional shutter features has been added to all applicable spec sheets and are available for ordering with a 3 to 5 days lead time starting today (May 18th, 2018). Please contact your Siemon sales representative or Customer Service Representative for more information.