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Lighter Coloured Cabinets and Accessories

The use of lighter colour cabinets has become a trend in the industry to improve overall visibility in the data centre, to better blend into the surrounding décor, or to simply create a clean, modern look. Ideal for telecom spaces with poor lighting, lighter colour cabinets reflect up to 75% more light than black cabinets for better working conditions. We are excited to offer Siemon’s cabinets and associated accessories in both white (RAL 9003) and light gray (RAL 7035).

  • VersaPOD®, SidePOD™ and Baffle, V800™, V600™ and Wall-Mount Cabinets
  • VersaPOD zero-U vertical patch panels, cable management, PDU mounting brackets, blanking panels, horizontal cabletrough and end-of-row panels
  • V800 and V600 cabinet accessories, includingvertical managers, patch panels, blankingpanels, brush guard panels and vertical trays
  • Shelves, blank filler panels, vertical exhaust chimneys,lid dividers, baying kits, casters and mounting rails

Lighter colour cabinets and accessories are now available for ordering.

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