Уведомления об изменениях в продуктовой линейке

04.10.2017 Category 6 E2 Cable REELEX Packaging »Читать
Siemon is pleased to announce that Category 6 E2 cable will now be available in REELEX® II packaging. Sometimes known as a “pull box” package, REELEX II is a patented method of winding cable in such a way as to result in a reel-less, self supporting coil. This unique coil dispenses from the inside-out without twists, tangles, snags or overruns.
23.08.2017 7 Series PDUs - International »Читать
Effective immediately, please be advised that Siemon has discontinued the following 7 Series PDUs and replaced them with the PowerMax™8 Series PDU products. We will accept orders for the discontinued PDUs until November 30, 2017 or when inventory is no longer available.
12.06.2017 RS/RS3 Series Horizontal Cable Managers »Читать
Siemon is discontinuing the RS and RS3 Series Horizontal Cable Manager lines. These have been replaced by Siemon’s RouteIT™ Horizontal Cable Managers designed for improved performance – rounding all surfaces and increasing capacity to support high density switch blades, as well as Siemon 48-port 1U Z-MAX® patch panels.

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