PowerMax PDU Sensor Accessories


Siemon is pleased to announce that we have expanded the accessoriesforourPowerMaxintelligent PDUs withadditional sensors and a splitter module for added sensor functionality.

New sensors include a door contact sensor and a water contact sensor for use with the splitter module. These products allow for door status and the presence of water to be reported back to the connected PDU. Using the PDU firmware, users can be notified of the sensor status via alarms/email alerts.

The splitter provides two additional temperature and humidity sensors ports (the temperature/humidity sensor is already available), along with powered connections for up to two door contact sensors and a water contact sensor. The splitter product is shipped with a power supply that includes support for multiple regions*.

Due to the power requirements of the door and water sensors, it is required that they are connected to the splitter and not directly to the PDU.



Part Number

8ACC-S-DOOR – Door Contact Sensor
8ACC-S-WATR – Water Contact Sensor
8ACC-S-SPLT – Sensor Splitter

*Contact regional TSG for more information.


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