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Cabinet Accessory - Top Mount Cooling Fan 260V -Global


Siemon is pleased to announce the release of an enhanced voltage range fan product to support the cabinet product line. The new product’s maximum voltage range is 260V and replaces the existing fan which carries a maximum range of 220V.


Part Number Description
VP-FAN-260 Top-Mount Cooling Fan Panel -3 Fans x 110CFM, 220VAC w/C13 plug, UL listed


  • VP-FAN-260 replaces VP-FAN-220 and is aesthetically equivalent
  • VP-FAN-260 carries the same SDC and availability as the VP-FAN-220
  • SDC pricing is available through Customer Service
  • Distributor Cost sheets will be updated during the next scheduled revision
  • Website and CUDs have been updated
  • eCatalog will be updated during the upcoming revision

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