MapIT G2 Interconnect Module, Master and Distribution Control Panels


Siemon has upgraded the Ethernet ports on the Master Control Panel(MCP) and the Interconnect Control Module (ICM) from 10Mbps Ethernet ports to 10/100Mbps. This is to ensure that the products are compatible with newer switches that cannot communicate using the legacy10Mbps platform.



These updated products are backwards compatible to 10Mbps switches. Please work with your regional Technical Services Group for more information.

Affected Products

Replaced By Description Discontinued product
M-MCP-R2 MapIT, Master Control Panel, 24 Port, 1U, Black M-MCP M-MCP-R
M-DCP-R2 MapIT, Distribution Control Panel, 24 Port, 1U, Black M-DCP M-DCP-R
M-ICM-R2 MapIT, Interconnect Control Module, Gray/Black M-ICM

Region & Effectivity

Region Global
Discontinued product Final Quote Date November 6th 2020
Final Order Entry Date November 13th 2020

Other Considerations

  1. All products listed above have the Country of Origin of the USA. As a result, all existing (both the —R and the non —R) versions of the product are discontinued.
  2. For customers with existing product (listed below), if integration with 100Mbps switches is required please reach out to your regional Technical Services Group to review compatibility options:
  • M-MCP
  • M-DCP
  • M-MCP-R
  • M-DCP-R
  • M-ICM


  • Not supported except under a valid warranty claim.

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