Category 5e Shielded Products - Global


Product Description:

Please be advised, Siemon plans to discontinue Category 5e Shielded products: cables, patch cords, outlets and panels. Siemon’s Z-MAX Category 6A Shielded products may be offered as a replacement.

Affected Products

PDN_Cat 5e Shielded Products01.jpg
 PDN_Cat 5e Shielded Products02.jpg  PDN_Cat 5e Shielded Products03.jpg
5e Shielded Modular Cords- MC5S and BladePatch Category 5e Shielded Cable
 PDN_Cat 5e Shielded Products04.jpg  PDN_Cat 5e Shielded Products05.jpg
Kitted 5e Shielded Patch Panels with Outlets Z-MAX 5e Shielded Outlets


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