LightStack®Ultra High Density Fiber Enclosures (Base 8 & 12)


Effective August 26, 2019, the LightStackUltra High Density Fiber Enclosures (both Base 8 & 12) have been revised to remove the front module latches. The modules can still be inserted from the front or rear, but can only be removed from the rear. This change resulted in the following improvements:

  • Enhanced access for insertion and removal of LC jumpers, reducing the possibility of removing the wrong connector and causing accidental disruption in service.
  • Unobstructed path for jumper cable management as the latch no longer interferes with the jumpers routing out of the enclosure and into the vertical cable managers.
  • Eliminates the potential to remove the module from the front and accidentally pull on the MTP trunk in the rear.
  • Improved security by preventing unintended module removal by personnel performing patching or other operations within the rack

All other functions of the enclosure remains the same.

Affected P/Ns:

Part Number Description
LS-1U-01 LightStack Fiber Enclosure, Base12, 1U
LS-4U-01 LightStack Fiber Enclosure, Base12, 4U
LS8-1U-01 LightStack Fiber Enclosure, Base8, 1U
LS8-4U-01 LightStack Fiber Enclosure, Base8, 4U


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