VersaPOD® Cabinet & Accessories


Please note that VersaPOD cabinets and related accessories will be discontinued as of December 31, 2019. This discontinuation is due to shifting demand and increasing production costs.

  • Orders between now and December 31st are subject to MOQ and extended lead times.
  • In some regions, inventory may be available and orders on these products will be accepted until inventory is depleted, all sales of this inventory will be final.
  • Stock within Distribution is not expected
  • While VersaPOD will not be replaced with a direct equivalent, an 800mm (31 inch.) cabinet can be used in many instances – contact your local Technical Support team for more information.

VersaPOD_PDN 2019.jpg


Part Number Description Replacement
VP(X)A-(X)(XX)(XXX)-(XX)(X), VP(X)B-KIT-(XXX) All configurations Version A including V-Built None
VP(X)B-(X)(XX)(XXX)-(XX)(X), VP(X)B-KIT-(XXX) All configurations Version B including V-Built
VP2A-BFL-S & VP2A-BFP-1-42
SidePOD Baffle & Blanking Panel
VP-BAY2-(X) & VA-VPA-BAY-(X) VersaPOD Baying Kits None
VP-W, VP-FT VersaPOD Casters and Leveling Feet None
VPA-DR(X)-(X)-(XX), VP(X)A-S-(X)-(XX) VersaPOD Door and Side Panel Kits None
VPA-R-(X)-(XX) VersaPOD Equipment Mounting Rail kits None
VP-SB, VP-SSB VersaPOD Stabilizing & Seismic Bracket Kits None
VPA-LD-(X) VersaPOD Lid Dividers None
VPA-PDU-F(X)-(X), VPA-PDU-S2-(X) VersaPOD Zero-U PDU Mounting Brackets None
VP-VP3U-(X)-42, VP-VPR-(X)-42,
VP-VPTM-(X)-42, VP-VPTMR-(X)-42
VersaPOD 42U Zero-U Sliding Vertical Patch Panels None
VP-VPP-6U-(X), VP-VPP-TM-(X), VP-VPP-TMRIC-(X) VersaPOD 45U Zero-U Sliding Vertical Patch Panels None
VP-BLNK-(X), VP-BLNK-(X)-42 VersaPOD Zero-U Vertical Blanking Panel None
VP-CVR-(X)-(XX), VP-FGR6-(X)-(XX), VP-VPC6-(X)-(XX),
VersaPOD Zero-U Vertical Cable Management None
VP-BLNK1-(X)-(XX), VP-EVPC6-(X)-(XX),
VP-VP1U-(X)-42, VP-VPP-2U-(X)
VersaPOD Zero-U End of Row Vertical Panels None

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