PowerMax™ PDUs with Locking Receptacles


Siemon is pleased to announce that the Basic, Metered and Monitored PowerMaxPDU families can now be ordered with locking IEC C13 and C19 receptacles upon request.

These locking receptacles are universal and work with any IEC C14 and C20 cords. They offer protection against cords becoming accidentally disconnected.

The standard color for these receptacles is black, but in cases where color-coded receptacles are requested on a 3-Phase PDU, we can offer a combination of white, grey and black to identify phases and help promote proper phase balancing.

siemon-pdu-news.png ORDERING INFORMATION:

Part Number

8B(X)(XX)-BA(XX)(X)-(X)9A – Basic with black locking receptacles
8B(X)(XX)-BA(XX)(X)-(X)9Z – Basic with color-coded locking receptacles*
8T(X)(XX)-BA(XX)(X)-(X)9A – Metered with black locking receptacles
8T(X)(XX)-BA(XX)(X)-(X)9Z – Metered with color-coded locking receptacles*
8M(X)(XX)-BA(XX)(X)-(X)9A – Monitored with black locking receptacles
8M(X)(XX)-BA(XX)(X)-(X)9Z – Monitored with color-coded locking receptacles*

*Available on three phase PDUs only

Affected Families**

**Not available on Smart, Switched or Managed families.

Contact regional TSG for more information.


  • The locking option is signified by the “9” in the above part number examples.
  • If color-coded receptacles are required use “Z” as the final character in the part number rather than “A” for black-only receptacles.
  • The locking receptacle option is available upon request as a special and may incur MOQs and longer than typical lead times.
  • PDUs ship with non-locking receptacles by default.

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