V600™ Cabinet Lid Changes


As an update to the ‘PRN Cabinet Lid Changes –Global’ advance notice distributed in March 2016, V600™ data center cabinets are transitioning to a revision “B” design based on modifications to the lid. The change achieves greater consistency between families, improves cable entry, and simplifies design.


Changes are limited to the cabinet lids. All other aspects of the cabinets remain unchanged.

  • Ability to use new lid divider accessories on the V600 cabinets
  • Removal of small cable openings, replacing them with either integrated brushes or large openings (depending on cabinet version)
  • Removal of duct cover plate. Attaching the vertical duct (chimney) accessory now requires self-tapping screws

Refer to the corresponding Technical Bulletin for detailed information on the changes.


All V600 cabinet families are impacted. Part numbers will change immediately due to the varying degrees of modification:



  • No change to cabinet pricing
  • Pricing tools have been updated. Distributor Cost sheets will be updated during the next scheduled revision
  • As a result of eliminating the small cable openings, the VP-BRUSH can not be used with the “B” revision cabinets. Instead, when putting brushes in large lid openings, the VP-T3 brush guard must be ordered.
  • Removal of the duct cover plate means that installers will now need to use self-tapping screws when installing the vertical duct (chimney).


  • At a future date, the VP-BRUSH will be discontinued. It will be offered for a period of time to support existing customers.
  • New lid dividers are available to ship for the V600 cabinets –further detail on this new product is available in the a separate launch communication.

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