V600™ Cabinet Lid Dividers


In reference to the recent ‘PRN Cabinet Lid Changes’, the V600 “B” revision cabinet lids have been modified to accept the lid divider accessories. This is consistent with the existing design of the V800 cabinet lid and lid dividers.
As such, Siemon is pleased to announce the release of the new cabinet lid dividers for use with Rev B V600 cabinets. These dividers are designed specifically for compatibility with the V600 cabinets. The lid divider part numbers for the V600 cabinets will be different than those used with the V800 cabinet. The part numbers are detailed below.
The dividers are sold in a set of two and can be easily mounted at any location along the lid to create cable pathways on top of bayed cabinets.


Part Number Description Availability
V600 V6A-LD-1 V600,LID DIVIDER,SET OF 2,BLACK ** new **
V800 V8A-LD-1 V800,LID DIVIDER,SET OF 2,BLACK existing

** Note -V600 lid dividers are NOT compatible with A-series V600 Cabinets (V61A-and V62A-series)


APAC & China Regions: Available, released in 2016
NA, LA, ERA & IME: Quote, Order and Ship immediately
Price sheet in Oracle have been updated to add the new part number
Distributor Cost sheets will be updated during the next scheduled revision


V600 Spec Sheet has been revised to include the lid dividers in the accessory list.

 v600_v6a_ld_1.jpg  v600_v6b.jpg
Lid divider V6A-LD-1 V6B Cabinet

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