Z-PLUG™ Field-Terminated Plug

We would like to inform you that we will soon be launching the Z-PLUG™ Field-Terminated Plug. 

Z-PLUG™ Field-Terminated Plug

Siemon’s Z-PLUG™ offers quick, reliable high-performance plug termination in the field for custom-length direct connections to wireless access points, security cameras, LED lights, distributed antenna systems (DAS), building automation devices and any other IP-based and PoE-enabled devices deployed in today’s converged networks. 

The Z-PLUG™ exceeds all Category 6A performance requirements, and it can be terminated to shielded, un-shielded, solid and stranded cables for maximum flexibility. The plug is compliant with UL 2043 for use in plenum air handling spaces, and can be terminated without the boot for connecting to devices with limited depth, such as cameras and access points. 

This innovative product presents an opportunity for you as a valued Siemon partner, to engage with CCTV contractors and Access Control Installers in the market for added revenue and increased sales of the Category 6A F/UTP and Z-Max connectivity. 

The Z-PLUG™ is now available for pre-order with initial shipments taking place in November.

Please contact your Siemon Sales representative for further information on this.

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