Уведомления об изменениях в продуктовой линейке

25.11.2020 Discontinuation notice Direct Attached Cables (DACs)
06.11.2020 Product revision notice MapIT G2 Interconnect Module, Master and Distribution Control Panels
04.06.2020 Internal launch Global Internal Launch: Value Vertical Cable Manager
25.03.2020 Pre-launch notification Value Vertical Cable Manager
18.03.2020 Internal launch Global Internal Launch: Shielded DIN Rail Mounted Patch Panel
11.03.2020 Discontinuation notice Category 5e Shielded Products - Global
02.03.2020 Discontinuation notice QSFP+ 40G - Active Optical Cables
02.09.2019 Product revision notice LightStack®Ultra High Density Fiber Enclosures (Base 8 & 12)
07.05.2019 Discontinuation notice VersaPOD® Cabinet & Accessories
27.08.2018 New product update PowerMax PDU Sensor Accessories
12.07.2018 New product update Cabinet Accessory - Top Mount Cooling Fan 260V -Global
12.07.2018 Discontinuation notice Cabinet Accessory - Top Mount Cooling Fan 220V -Global
22.06.2018 Prodict update PowerMax™ PDUs with Locking Receptacles
22.06.2018 Discontinuation notice CJ5 Products
06.04.2018 Product notification S110/S210 Multi-Pair Termination Tool Shortage
05.04.2018 Product revision notice QSFP+ Active Optical Cables
04.04.2018 Prodict update Enhanced Lead Time for Singlemode LC/APC Patch Cords
10.01.2018 Product revision notice TERA® 2-Pair and 4-Pair Plug Enhancement
10.01.2018 New product update V600™ Cabinet Lid Dividers
10.01.2018 Product revision notice V600™ Cabinet Lid Changes
04.01.2018 Discontinuation notice RG6 F-Type Connector and Compression Tool
09.11.2017 Pre-launch notification Z-PLUG™ Field-Terminated Plug
04.10.2017 Prodict update Category 6 E2 Cable REELEX Packaging
23.08.2017 Discontinuation notice 7 Series PDUs - International
12.06.2017 Discontinuation notice RS/RS3 Series Horizontal Cable Managers