Screened and Shielded Network Cabling Guide

Screened and Shielded Network Cabling Guide

Valerie (Rybinski) Maguire Explains Screened and Shielding

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Screened and Shielded Cabling - Noise Immunity, Grounding, and the Antenna Myth

By Valerie (Rybinski) Maguire, Global Sales Engineer, Siemon

  1. Introduction and History of Shielding
  2. Balanced Transmission
  3. Fundamentals of Noise Interference
  4. Ground Loops
  5. Design of Screens and Shields
  6. Grounding of Cabling Systems
  7. The Antenna Myth
  8. The Ground Loop Myth
  9. Conclusion - Why Use Screened/Fully-Shielded Cabling?

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