Кабельные сборки серии TFU с коннекторами LC и SC


Siemon's RazorCore fiber trunks provide an efficient and cost effective alternative to individual fieldterminated components. Combining factory terminated connectors with Siemon RazorCore reduced O.D. cable in a high-performance cable assembly, Siemon RazorCore fiber trunks were designed with Local Area Networks (LAN), Data Centers and Storage Area Networks (SAN) applications in mind. These assemblies allow up to 75% faster field installation times. Standard configurations also help maintain consistent cable layout and facilitate efficient moves, adds and changes. These precision cable assemblies are 100% inspected ensuring superior performance and quality. The RazorCore fiber trunks are available in Singlemode or Multimode performance with LC BladePatch, SC, LC connectivity.


TFU(X)(X)(X)(X)(X)(X)(X)(X)(XXX)(X)  XGLO and LightSystem Fiber Trunks


Ordering length is measured connector tip to connector tip. 2. 4 unitube duplex, 2.0mm duplex and simplex 900 micron buffered Minimum order length is 3 meters (9.8 ft).

These products are made to order. Call for lead time and availability.