Pre-Terminated Trunking Cable Assemblies - EMEA/APAC

Pre-Terminated Trunking Cable Assemblies - EMEA/APAC



Siemon's pre-terminated trunking cable assemblies provide an easily installed and cost effective alternative to individual field-terminated channels. Combining factory terminated and tested modules with Siemon cable in a high-performance modular cable assembly, trunking cable assemblies are designed to simplify the installation of high-performance cabling systems in data centers and other high-density, environments.

  • Unique breakout kit creates optimal cable orientation and limits cable crossing
  • Utilizes Siemon's high performance cable
  • Each leg is designated for proper module orientation
  • Each cable assembly is coded with a unique identification number for administrative purposes
  • Six-leg, double-ended design presents a smaller profile when pulling
  • High-strength closed mesh sheath ensures snag-free handling


T8(XXX)E-F1F1(XXX)M  Category 8.2 Trunking Cable Assembly, 6-leg, Double-Ended Solid Cable, T568B