Универсальная точка консолидации на 24 порта


The 24-Port MAX Zone Unit Enclosure is a flexible, economical solution designed to support zone cabling in a variety of enterprise workspaces, enabling shorter easy-to-manage connections to outlets serving voice, data, video and building automation system equipment. This low-profile enclosure accepts up to 24 ports using flat MAX (copper or fiber) Z-MAX or TERA outlets to support a wide range of horizontal copper and fiber applications. Designed to meet UL's plenum rating requirements, the 24-Port MAX Zone Unit enclosure can be easily mounted under a raised floor, in the ceiling, or on the wall.

  • Foam gasket to minimize vibration and prevent dust from entering enclosure
  • Cover is fully removable via quick release latches, providing easy access to connections
  • Thumb latch for securing cover to base
  • 50 mm (2 in.) knockouts with screwdriver slots for easy removal facilitate routing cables in and out of the enclosure
  • Accepts up to 24 MAX (copper or fiber) Z-MAX or TERA outlets
  • Keyholes to allow easy attachment to walls or other surfaces
  • Integrated labeling for port identification and network documentation

While dependent upon the exact number of moves, adds, and changes (MACs) performed per year, typical zone cabling plants of any size planned with 25% spare port availability not only significantly reduce client disruption,but allow the building owner to recoup the cost of the extra port capacity within a two to five year span or after reaching the ROI threshold (i.e. either 14 moves and 17 adds or 16 moves and 20 adds depending upon cabling type). For more information and a detailed cost analysis on traditional vs. zone cabling please see Siemon's whitepaper titled: Zone Cabling for Cost Savings.


Example 60 meter 200 foot traditional and zone cabling links depicting new cabling length required to support the addition of a new service


ZU-MX-24P 24-Port MAX Zone Unit Enclosure. Thumb Latch, Black. Includes (4) electrical chase nipples and hardware. External Dimensions: height: 305mm (12.03 in.), width: 274mm (10.5 in.), depth: 121mm (4.79 in.)