Патч корды серии SkinnyPatch (тонкие) 6A экранированные


Siemon's SkinnyPatch 6A Shielded Modular Cords deliver superior Category 6A performance with a reduced cable diameter for improved airflow and increased flexibility in high-density patching areas. The cord's smaller 28 AWG stranded copper construction offers a significantly tighter bend radius for easier cable routing and enhanced cable management, providing pathway space savings in racks and cabinets while facilitating moves, adds and changes in tight spaces. Confirmed by Intertek, an independent third party test lab, SkinnyPatch 6A Shielded Modular Cords exceed ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 and ISO/IEC 11801 Edition 2.2 performance standards. These cords also feature Siemon's high performance shielded S/FTP construction for exceptional NEXT performance and innovative 360-degree crimp for excellent plug-to-cable strain relief.

  • Integral latch guard protects plug from snagging when pulling through pathways or cable managers
  • Optional color clips enable a single cord part number to be custom colored coded
  • Features a nominal OD of 0.22 in. (5.5 mm) for improved airflow and flexibility in high-density applications
  • Jacket meets flame resistance requirements for both CM and LSOH
  • Ultra slim boot further facilitates high-density patching
  • High performance shielded construction for exceptional NEXT performance
  • Internal load bar provides consistent terminations and ideal pair geometry
  • Color Coding - Optional colored clips enable field color coding and can be easily snapped into place without having to disconnect cords


Excellent Bend Relief
Boot and integrated strain relief ensures minimum bend radius for category 6A performance

Smaller diameter cable significantly reduces bundle and pathway fill for space savings.

Improved Airflow
Offers improved airflow, accessibility and cable management in high density applications.


SP6A-S(XX)M-(XX)(X)  Патч-корд SkinnyPatch S/FTP, категория 6A, 28AWG, двухсторонний RJ45-RJ45, T568A/B, CM LSOH, T568A/B, прозрачные колпачки.


CLIP-(XX)  Цветные маркировочные клипсы, упаковка 25 шт.

Обозначение (XX) Цвет клипсы: 01 = Черный, 02 = Белый, 03 = Красный, 04 = Серый, 05 = Желтый, 06 = Синий, 07 = Зеленый, 08 = Фиолетовый,09 = Оранжевый