Предсобранное решение

Предсобранное решение



Need to reduce backbone installation time yet maintain superior quality? Siemon offers the perfect solution with our pre-terminated RIC3 fiber enclosures. Choose from RIC3 enclosures with a variety of connector interfaces pre-loaded with adapters and pigtails for patch and splice applications. All solutions feature Siemon high quality factory fiber terminations, which guarantee significant margin over TIA/EIA and ISO/IEC specifications. Siemon offers a choice of two grades of fiber for these pre-loaded enclosures —LightSystem® (for Gigabit Ethernet) or XGLO™ (10 Gigabit Ethernet). To order pre-loaded RIC3 enclosures, use the part numbering matrix below, or call Customer Service for assistance.


R(XX)-(X)B(XXX)(X)-(XX) Предсобранное решение RIC3


Максимальную вместимость шкафчиков RIC3 по волокнам смотрите в таблице.