Кабельные сборки MTP12/4xLCd со стандартными коннекторами LC


Siemon’s LC to MTP 4 X 10G Hybrid Equipment Cords have (1) MTP connector on one end and (4) duplex LC connectors on the other for connection to active equipment with LC ports used in aggregation of multiple 10G ports to one 40G port.

  • Small Diameter - RazorCore fiber cable improves cable management
  • Jacket Ratings - Available in Plenum, Riser and LSOH
  • Designation Labels - On each leg for traceability throughout the channel
  • Specifically wired to manage polarity for transmit to receive



T(X)NC(XX)(X)(XX)LC(XXX)(X)  LC TO MTP 4 X 10G Hybrid Equipment Cords