Серия PPM. MTP8/LC


High Density FCP3 Fiber Connect Panel

Economically connect, protect and manage up to 96 fibers within 1 rack mount unit. Designed to integrate with high density FCP3 fiber Plug and Play modules.

  • High Density - Supports up to 96 fibers in just 1U
  • Enhanced Accessibility - Fiber drawer slides to the front and rear for maximum access to fiber connections
  • Bend Radius Management - Recessed modules provide a high-capacity jumper management zone that helps maintain proper fiber bend radius

High Density FCP3 Connect Panel Plug and Play Modules and Adapter Plates

Siemon LC to MTP FCP3 Plug and Play modules and LC adapter plates are designed for simple, snap-in deployment within the high density FCP3 fiber connect panel. Providing up to 24 LC fibers per module, the factory terminated and tested modules are available in OM3 and OM4 multimode and singlemode configurations. The LC adapter plates provide a simple way to integrate traditional LC to LC connectivity within the high density FCP3 enclosure.

  • High Density - Modules provide up to 24 LC fibers per module, supporting up to 96 ports within the 1U FCP3 fiber connect panel
  • 100% Fiber Utilization and Future Application Support - Base 8 modules feature three 8-fiber MTPs for use with 8-fiber assemblies used in 40 and 100 Gig applications and beyond, eliminating the need for conversion cords
  • Fast Deployment - Snap-in mounting and multi-fiber MTP connectivity offers ultra-fast deployment of high-performance fiber channels
  • Easy Identification - Modules are color coded black for Base 12 and gray for Base 8 to easily distinguish between the two systems
  • Compact Housing - Reduces mounting depth for greater cable management space within enclosures
  • Optimized Adapter Spacing - Enables easy finger access to fiber jumper connector latches in high density patching environments
  • Multimode and Singlemode Modules - Utilizes zirconia ceramic sleeves for optimum performance


High Density FCP3 Connect Panel Plug and Play Modules and Adapter Plates
PEM(X)24-L(X)(X)(X)-(XX)A 24 Fiber base 8 HD FCP3 LC to MTP modules, grey module