Кабельные сборки MTP8/MTP8


Combining Siemon's reduced-diameter RazorCore™ cable with 8-fiber MTP connectors, Base 8 Plug and Play MTP Trunk Assemblies are designed to be quickly routed and connected to Siemon Plug and Play Modules and MTP Adapter Plates. Custom configurable to precise application requirements, these Base 8 assemblies put high-performance, high density fiber connections exactly where you need them while providing more efficient migration to support high-speed 8-fiber applications. 

  • Multiple Fiber Types - Available in multimode (laser optimized OM3 and OM4 50/125) and singlemode
  • Reduced Pathway Fill - Siemon's RazorCore cable has significantly reduced cable diameter
  • Low Loss Versions - Siemon's Plug and Play cable assemblies are also available in low loss multimode for multiple mated pairs in 10/40/100G applications
  • Custom Configurations - Available from 8 to 144 fiber counts in increments of 8 fibers
  • 40 Gb/s and 100 Gb/s Ready and Beyond - Offers the simplest upgrade path to current and future 8-fiber applications
  • Easy Identification - Base 8 assemblies feature a blue boot to easily distinguish from Base 12 assemblies
  • Cost-Effective with 100% Fiber Utilization - Base 8 MTP assemblies use 100% of fiber in 8-fiber applications, eliminating the need for conversion cords or modules



G(X)(XXX)(X)(XX)(X)(XXX)(X)-(X)  Base 8 MTP to MTP Assemblies, 8-fiber MTP Connectors

G(X)P(XX)(X)(X)(X)(X)-(XXX)(X)(X)   Fiber Plug & Play cable assembly, 8 fiber MTP PRO connectors