Патч корды MTP8


Slemon's Base 8 MTP jumpers are used to connect the MTP trunk backbone to the active equipment. The 8-fiber design ensures 100% utilization of fiber in 8-fiber 40/100G applications, while the compact design of the MTP footprint and Siemon's 2mm diameter RazorCore cable achieves greater connectivity access, reduction In cable pathway congestion and improved airflow.

  • Small Diameter - 2mm RazorCore fiber cable improves cable management and pathway fill.
  • Multiple Fiber Types - Available in Multimode (laser optimized OM3 and OM4) and Singlemode
  • Jacket ratings - Available in Plenum, Riser and LSOH
  • Easy Identification - Base 8 assemblies feature a blue boot to easily distinguish from Base 12 assemblies
  • MTP Connector Gender - Options for both male or female



GJ(X)-(X)(X)(X)(X)-(XXX)(X)-(X)  Аппаратный шнур Base 8 MTP 2мм