Патч корды MTP12


Siemon's MTP jumpers are used to connect the MTP trunk backbone to the active equipment. The compact design of the MTP footprint and Siemon's 2mm diameter RazorCore cable achieves greater connectivity access, reduction in cable pathway congestion and improved airflow around the active equipment.

  • Small Diameter (2mm) 2mm RazorCore fiber cable improves cable management and pathway fill.
  • Performance MTP jumpers are manufactured to both Standard and Low Loss specifications
  • MTP Connector Gender Options for both male or female
  • Jacket ratings Available in Plenum, Riser and LSOH


40G Channel


  • Active equipment has a male MTP/MPO connector
  • All assemblies are B-polarity (straight-through wiring)
  • MTP adapter pla te has aligned key orientation
  • The trunk is male-to-male (in contrast to typical 10G cassette-based MTP channels where the trunk is female-to-female)

10G Cassette-based Channel Migration to 40G Channel



MJ(X)-(X)(X)(X)(X)-(XXX)(X)-(X) аппаратный шнур 40/100G