Кабельные сборки - переходники MTP24/2xMTP12


Conversion jumper for 100G: (2) 12F MTP to (1) 24F MTP

Siemon’s Conversion cords utilizes (2) 12 fiber MTP to MTP trunks and transitions them from the backbone trunk to (1) 24-fiber MTP connector to connect to the active equipment.

  • Small Diameter RazorCore ­ fiber cable improves cable management
  • Jacket Ratings ­ Available in Plenum, Riser and LSOH
  • Designation Labels ­ On each leg for traceability throughout the channel

100G BASE-SR10, 1 x 24-Fiber MTP’s

  • With the 100G option (1)
    24 strand MTP trunks are used for one link


YJMF(XX)(XX)(X)(XXX)(X)(X)(X)  40/100G equipment conversion cords