Fiber Outlet Box (FOB2)

Fiber Outlet Box (FOB2)


Siemon's low-profile Fiber Outlet Box (FOB2) is the optimal solution for bringing fiber to the desk. The FOB2 offers a well-defined method for managing fiber cabling at the work area by providing a connection point for up to 12 fibers (or 6 coaxial) connectors utilizing slide-in bezels. A single gang faceplate is mounted to the FOB2 base and accommodates up to six MAX® modules or two CT® couplers.

  • Low Profile ­ Slim, tapered design hugs the wall, minimizing disturbance
  • Easy Access ­ Cover snaps on and off of the base. Screw holes are provided (concealed beneath identification labels) to secure cover to base, if desired
  • Extended Cover Version ­ Conceals and protects the externally mated fiber connectors
  • Fiber Managers ­ Angled/arched slots in fiber managers fully retain the fibers strands while facilitating loading
  • Slide-in Adapter Bezels ­ Allow for easy installation and removal and are polarized to assure that adapter keyways are always facing up
  • ST, SC, LC or coaxial fiber bezels can be mounted at the bottom of the box


Innovative Cable Access
The unique design allows snap-on cover to be removed to access fiber connections without disturbing the faceplate connections (and vice versa).

Fiber Management
The base of the FOB2 provides storage and management for up to 1 meter of slack for as many as 6 fibers.

Mounting Options
Mounting holes allow FOB2 to be mounted to both single and double gang U.S. wall outlets as well as single gang European outlets.


Fiber Outlet Box (FOB2)
FOB2-GRD-(XX)  (Изображение)  Duplex SC adapter, (2 fibers)
FOB2-(XX)  (Изображение)  Duplex SC adapter, (2 fibers)

Use (XX) to specify color: 01 = black, 02 = white, 80 = light ivory